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Run npm install on the directory root to install the specified dependencies.
Append(new nuItem( label: UpperCase click: function /What happens on clicking the rooms?
Json(msgs END routes The first route I believe is easy enough.Js / Import all our dependencies var express require express var mongoose require mongoose var app express var server require http.Server(app var io require server Ok, I didn't keep to my word.On setup function (data) var rooms oms; for (var r 0; r rooms.Json dependencies to: "dependencies "angular "1.3.13 "angular-material" : "0.10.0 "angular-socket-io" : "0.7.0 "s.0.0" For a een goede gaming chat kamers shortcut, just run the following command: bower install -save angular angular-material angular-socket-io angular-material-icons s Now that we have our frontend dependencies, we can update our views/index.Leaving a room, to leave a room, you need to call the leave function just as you called the join function on the socket.Length; r) /Loop and append room to the window room menu handleRoomSubMenu(r /Handle creation of room function handleRoomSubMenu(r) var clickedRoom roomsr; /Append each room to the menu roomsMenu.As you can see, it has four internal comments which is serving as a placeholder for our codes as defined in the objectives.Level : Intermediate (Knowledge of, mEAN is required installation.Room' clickedRoom).success(function (msgs) ssages msgs; /Attach menu nu windowMenu; The above code with the help of a function, loops through an array of rooms when they are available from the server and then append them to the rooms menu.Create a List of Rooms With our objectives defined let us code: / app.
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Node Webkit requires, basically, two major files to run: an entry point (ml) a package.Js is the almighty controller.Log listening on localhost:3000 Just handle this connectToRoom event on the client.!doctype html html head title Hello world /title /head script src.js" /script script var socket io nerhtml document.Today, although it is old news, I am excited to share the ability of using JavaScript to build desktop standalone applications.We can also add notification once there is a new message: var options body: ntent ; var notification new Notification Message from: "ername, options notification.Log(savedChat /Send a resoponse so the serve would not get stuck nd created /This route produces a list of chat as filterd by 'room' query t msg function(req, res) /Find nd( 'room LowerCase ).exec(function(err, msgs) /Send res.Js routes / route for our index file t function(req, res) /send the ml in our public directory ml /This route is simply run only on first launch just to generate some chat history app.If it is not successful we close the app.Js, angular Material : Angulars implementation of Googles Material Design.

The JavaScript, Web and Mobile app developers communities increased drastically since Node and Cordova were introduced.