sex kamer trey songz lyrics

Chorus: I wanna hear you make sex, praten over seks online sex, sex, sex soundz.
I hope it's everything you thought it'd be,.
And I don't wanna ruin your expectations.
Uuuh- get you to the suite, nana nana.Baby I'll undress ya from the sofa to the dresser.Tell me who's coming with me I wanna know who's coming home with?Verse 1: Trey Songz, i see you in the club, ooh, shawty.First Date Sex (You want) First Date Sex (I want) That don't make you a groupie to do me Girl, we both know we grown First Date Sex (You grown) First Date Sex (I'm grown) This for my niggas, Sip ya liquor Roll a swisher.Just tell 'em you appreciate the help chat stap privé kamers But you just got to know for yourself Chorus: Trey Songz Girl, when I get you to the crib Upstairs to the bed Girl, you gon' think, girl, you gon' think Girl, you gon' think, girl, you gon'.As best as I can (as best as I can) 'cause tonight.And I'm lovin' yo' lil' style lil' mama (lil' mama).Girl u gon cry.And I don't wanna ruin your expectations, oh no no.Songz is my naaaaame, pre-Chorus: Girl u gon cry ay ay (tears of joy).
Chorus, having sex with my number one fan.Aw baby, ooh baby, yeah baby.Trey Songz in your presence is a gift.Wanna dive in your waterfall, I wanna hear you make!You leaned over and said you want.Go girl (go go it's your birthday.Give a little tickle, on that little dimple.They tell us to keep it down, but I'm goin' deeper now.Uuuh- hit you with the D, pullin on your weave, snatchin out tracks.Never (never) ain't gon' never let a nigga do you better, no sir!