Premium Options (available after room creation).
Newcomers:Allow to chat (default)Silence without confirmed emailSilence if less than 24 hours oldSilence all newcomersAuto-unsilence afterminutes?
Until the message is delivered, it can be changed; only the last edit is kept.
PG Chat Open To All, Common Sense Is Required!Posting actions /me action Tell the other users what I am doing (in the third person).Input starting with a slash is reserved for special commands.B are not allowed, but some of them can nevertheless be used in a slightly modified form.rules Add or edit Content Rules for the room Hidden Room Properties The /set property value command sets (or reads, if no value is supplied) hidden room properties: /set MaxVisitorsAllowed Set a maximum number of concurrent visitors in the room, between 1 and 500.kick username message Kicks a visitor meisje chat games temporarily out of the room, optionally with a personal message.image URL message Post.
Welcome to »Merlin_Chat come in and join the fun!
Your visitor status is a personal message that is displayed on the Visitor List, as well as when visitors mouse over your visitor icon in the visitor pane.All services are provided "as is" with no warranties, as described in Chatzy's.x Makes the text between the brackets hidden (can be used for spoilers and riddles) Links http(s URL "label" URL's starting with "http" or "https" are automatically converted into clickable links.The /watch command is automatically submitted when you click on and Vimeo videos posted in the room.Until it is reopened, only the room administrator(s) can or /r Same as clicking "Review Mode".

ignore username Tells your local device to ignore specific visitors.
Then once you see the room click "join chat".