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Peter Meijer was iemand met wie ik contact had over Suriname.
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HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.Volgens hem waren Armfelt en Van den Heuvel bij de aanslag betrokken en adviseerde mij om ondergedoken te blijven." Jan Portein, 'Het schaduwcommando van de prins - deel 1' on the site of Theo van Gogh (murdered, as was his friend Pim Fortuyn 'Dit vond.Rothstein are officers of Star Distributors, a company that Federal prosecutors are investigating for involvement in child pornography." March 11, 1972, New York Times, 'Lefkowitz Opens Securities Study "DeBernardo, according to the Attorney General's Office, was identified in the 1971 report by the State Investigation.Geerts was the portal to the underworld and also the one to take care of connections between the under and upper world.Charles Geerts has no known ties to the royal family, but is known to have been rather friendly with mafia attorney Bram Moszkowicz.Baybasin further said: "Nobody was allowed near the ship by the police.

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