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#450 09:43 Hi_ I #451 09:44 * giovanni0 [email protected] has quit.#2: Speel spelletjes, met spelletjes spelen bedoelen we natuurlijk niet dat je verstoppertje moet gaan spelen of dat je vervelend moet gaan doen tijdens het chatgesprek.#251 09:12 * doidao17a [email protected] has joined #minecrafthelp #252 09:12 PrestonThePotato I need help, whenever i try to join a server, i a not able to connect an it tells me "Failed to verify username!" #253 09:13 * Selkhi [email protected] has joined #minecrafthelp #254 09:13.#1974 21:44 Kek I need help with my lost account #1975 21:45 webrosc contact Mojang, only they can fix account issues #1976 21:45 Kek Nah #1977 21:45 Kek I already tried #1978 21:45 webrosc well we can't do anything #1979 21:45 Kek Fuck #1980 21:45.When I have time?#1897 21:25 Wilm4 Absol should i pm you or put it in the chat?#318 09:24 RyThunder13 anybody having the issue where your password isnt being accepted?#330 09:25 PrestonThePotato no, just not letting us login to mc servers #331 09:25 Chees3Zer0 same #332 09:25 Pallemaster1600 we can log in to the website and launcher yes but now servers #333 09:26 PrestonThePotato ima tweet at mojang :P #334 09:26 RyThunder13 wjen.#231 09:08 ShadowRaikou Does anybody know how to solve this bug yet?
#1905 21:27 xola org.Chat online psychic This website has information on afkortingen chatten, cam chatten gratis web.Chatter Control in Induction Heat Assisted End Milling als Buch gratis vouyer cam von.Ik ben opzoek naar een gratis kitten.#1898 21:26 xola I am guessing it's beyond just minecraft #1899 21:26 xola paste your link here Wilm4 #1900 21:26 Wilm4 m/23189781/ #1901 21:26 webrosc?#215 08:55 JanHolger Some servers disconnect you with the response IndexOutOfBoundsException: readerIndex(1040) #216 08:55 JanHolger Multiplayer Session Service was down but seems to be back in business #217 08:56 JanHolger But still something is wrong #218 08:56 timtomtop Ok thx Jan #219 08:58 * jon.Graag eentje dat.Lesbos y gentechat ha creado un sitio para chatear y conocerse entre mujeres Lesbianas de todos los paises en nuestro Chat gratis.#245 09:10 * PrestonThePotato [email protected] has joined #minecrafthelp #246 09:10 * jon [email protected] has quit.