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CADdigest Weekly media kit, forum of love guru online chatten gratis users of AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, Map, 3ds Max, Maya /.Page views per month: 82,000, unique visitors per month: 18,000, owned by TenLinks.A tool for creating sharable templates of XML content exchanges and validations.Create automated test suites to run validatations and even share validation web services with your partners to reduce their work in interoperating with your solutions.Generating XML test cases and exchange verification profiles are also supported.Circulation: 25,000, owned by TenLinks.
There is now a "CAM kit" of xslt tools that let you automatically ingest existing XSD schema directly into a CAM template.
Work is proceeding on developing metadata semantic and ontology linking through the use of rest interfacing to a semantic registry.
This uses a xslt transform to build a wiki interactive documentation package from any CAM template - instantly from inside the Eclipse desktop editor tool.Business implementers require a way to quickly define and share the patterns and models that they need to use in their own exchanges.This site is a resource site for users and developers of CAM templates and CAM processors.If you would like to find out more about IndigoVision and their Intelligent Video Solutions please visit:.Making interim releases is fast, verifiable and easy, just deploy the updated CAM templates.Such iDocs can form the basis for collaborative documentation across a community of interest (CoI) when deployed to a wiki site that has html parsing enabled (also tiddly wiki compatible).As this is an official workspace of the TC, the.CAM provides extended reporting options that allow html style documentation to be produced of the exchange definition including all the content handling rules in a format that business analysts can readily absorb and verify.Implementing exchanges using CAM patterns positions adoptors to move beyond the limitations of traditional tools.

This greatly diminishes the need for double or triple exchange transaction handling as CAM can perform the complete process in one pass.