We work on the technologies of the future (ICT, biotechnology, nanotechnology combining technological knowledge and innovation with behavioural and social academic research.
All publications that were previously visible in the repository, are now part of Research Information.
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Our researchers focus on themes with a large societal impact: health, water, green energy, safety and education).Our strength lies in the combination of excellent science, entrepreneurship and international orientation.We use this website to showcase our research output, information about researchers, activities, press/media, prizes and research units at the University of Twente (UT).UT Research Information has replaced UTPublications.The University of Twente is a modern, entrepreneurial university, leading in the area of new technologies and a catalyst for change, innovation and progress in society.C.-cab p?nameclub-happiness p?namelennon-naked p?namethe-last-emperor p?namemonsterwolf p?nameparadox p?nametruffaldino p?namethe-godfather-2 p?namethe_last_outlaw p?namecast_away p?namehalo_taxi p?namechicago-cab p?nametaxi_driver p?namenew_york_taxi p?nametaxi_4 p?nametaxi-3 p?namebouns p?nameday_d p?namecage_2 p?nameexotica p?nameklatka p?namewomen_in_cages p?namecaptifs p?namecell_rus p?namela_cage p?namela_gabbia p?namecage p?namethe_cell_2 p?namethe_cell p?namethe_art_of_war_3 p?namethe_art_of_war_2 p?namethe_art_of_war p?namethe_sixth_day p?namebring-it-on-2-again p?namebring-it-on p?namealice-in-wonderland-1951 p?namealice-in-wonderland p?nametaxi-2 p?nametaxi p?namegodfather.Year of Publication: 2013.Number of items: 4211.#1088 15:54 Lord_Ralex You got them #1089 15:54 Lord_Ralex You can determine how they should be removed.
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