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9 Shareware.Chatten met vreemden doe je hier.For the greeting, often the channel registration service provides this.MSN Chat Monitor is a network visibility tool to capture conversations of a MSN chat in your local.Most IRC servers don't have any sort of message logging both for porno video chats privacy and performance reasons so the user never knows what messages were sent before joining the channel.1,129 Camshare Inc.Some users use IRC bouncers (like ZNC or psyBNC) that stay in the channel 24/7 and send porno cam van solo meisjes the last few messages when the user connects to the bouncer.Keywords: chat, chatten, chatten met vreemden, chatregels, chat happens.
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ChanServ- -ChanServ- Syntax: SET #channel entrymsg message -ChanServ- -ChanServ- Example: -ChanServ- /msg ChanServ SET #support entrymsg Welcome to #support.The backlog is harder.On top of that, until recently, IRC did not have any way of transmitting the original timestamps, so if the history was replayed, all old messages would show up as sent all at once, with an ugly "12:34" added to the message text.Spannende chats volledig anoniem!1 AjivaSoft Computing, Inc.Web-based clients, such as Mibbit, do this by having a shared log as long as at least one Mibbit user is in the channel, all other users can receive the backlog.24 Eyeball Networks Inc.But it still works only when replaying is done by the server (or bouncer) itself, not when done by a bot.Eyeball Chat.20.1323.0 is an Instant Messenger program through Internet.Foonetic's ChanServ has an option called "entrymsg grawity help set entrymsg -ChanServ- * gratis ierse homo-chat ChanServ Help * -ChanServ- Help for SET entrymsg: -ChanServ- -ChanServ- SET entrymsg allows you to change or set -ChanServ- a message sent to all users joining the -ChanServ- channel.