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In maart en april wordt er weer door Amerika gereisd.
These were added from another source (Story Golden Earring fanzine nr 4-1982, page 27).Ein Teil der angek√ľndigten Bands kam gar nicht erst nach Scheeel.Timing was good for the willing acceptance of new sounds, artists and new groups, but with no promo,.Verrassend was de vocale rol die Kooymans tegenwoordig speelt.Wie es heit sollen "Free "Spooky Tooth "Uriah Heep" und " Edgar Broughton" noch nicht abgesagt haben.Het aantal bezoekers vormde voor de organisatie een kleine teleurstelling.
Sources: Casper's Golden Earring Research, fan info, magazine article, Golden Earring fanclub magazine 1981#6 (continuing story part 13 confirmed date - no show October 20, 1972 Maassluis Sporthal Support act Chamberlain Sources: Casper's Golden Earring Research, fan info, article Muziekkrant Oor #20 October 11, 1972.
Eine Neuauflage sollte das First-Rider-Open-Air am Samstag und Sonntag.
I looked like I was 14 then about 125 pounds, and 4 months later promoted Stompin lesbische sex video gratis online 76, one of the biggest music festivals in US history, see m Sorry, I have no ticket from that event, but attached here, see the black and white handbill.Loud isn't the word really, there are no words to describe it because you're unable to hear yourself think nevermind speak.A seattle chat gratis proefperiode lot of people might miss an incredibly good and professional act - both musically and visually.Dat ons dat hier mocht overkomen.Het Engelse publiek, dat de Earring al twee jaar niet in haar midden had gehad, was duidelijk erg onder de indruk van het Hollandse geweld.Wat ik er nog van weet was het volgens mij s avonds, wat ik zeker weet is dat de Engelse discjockey Robbie Dale in het voorprogramma stond.One day he'll just stop.Barry Hay, the singer, worked hard to keep things moving from one song to the next.(Belgium) Venue unknown Support act Gruppo Sportivo Sources: Casper's Golden Earring Research, Gruppo Sportivo 1976 tour ad, confirmed show December 19, 1976?28 confirmed show On the fifth UK Tour 1974 Golden Earring performed their show with special guest Lynyrd Skynyrd as their opener.

Would like to make one correction to your tour dates.