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Video chats have also been integrated in the latest version of ICQ.
You can spice them up with smileys and tzers (the equivalent to Live Messenger's winks customize the text font and color, save the conversation to message history and play games with your friends.
ICQ 7 has a quick, painless installation process that hardly takes a couple of minutes and enables you to import contacts from other online services such as Facebook, Gmail and Windows Live, among others.Channel - members can only read what you publish.In the meantime ICQ continued to be upgraded until finally reaching version.Be sure to add an avatar and title to make the chat room easy to find in the display window and on the chat screen.A chat room is a space where you can communicate by text and voice and send photos, videos, and documents.The program features an excellent video image quality, but the video chat is displayed on a separate window from the text chat and makes it a bit uncomfortable to use.
For example, a chat about interests and hobbies, a chat discussing news and events in your city or region, chatting to make friends and new acquaintances or communication with existing clients or potential new ones.
This could be a channel run by a store or a coffee shop to inform customers about its goods or promotions, a companys news channel, or a channel with your favorite recipes, life hacks or recommendations and thoughts about the various facets of life.The person creating the chat room has special rights for managing it, including changing its key settings and designating its administrators.Types of chat rooms, chat an exchange of any type of messages: text, voice, photos, videos and documents.You can sing together, write songs or tell stories and chat when you're on the road and it's inconvenient to chat by text.ICQ used to be the most popular IM application.If an update works in the end, I will update this review accordingly.Creating a chat room, you can create a chat room from the chat window or the display window.Hence, I do not get connected.

Oddly enough, you'll have to set these services up from the ICQ website.