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Web of Trust, offers Internet users preventive protection against Internet scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, and unreliable online shops.
Protection when browsing and searching the Internet.
WOT users can contribute by rating and commenting on websites."The users of Firefox and Internet Explorer appreciate the security that WOT provides, and we look forward to adding gratis chatrooms singles filippijnen our protection to Chrome.WOT also receives information from a large number of trusted sources, such as PhishTank, hpHosts, DNS-BH Malware Domain list and Artists Against 419.Website rating information is continuously updated by the user community and numerous trusted sources, such as listings of malware and phishing sites.Information on 21 million websites 1 in every 20 websites is harmful.Chrome will benefit from adding extensions, and WOT is proud to be among the first add-ons they have chosen to support said CEO Esa Suurio.
Web of Trust (WOT) has reached 2 million downloads since securing a place on Mozilla's coveted recommended add-on list.The WOT security add-on provides safety ratings to search results when using Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Digg and other popular sites, helping the user to protect their computer and personal information.Helsinki, Finland prweb ) December 2, 2008, following up on promises made in September, Google has outlined plans to open their Chrome browser to third-party extensions.Chrome's closest rival, Mozilla's open source browser Firefox, is popular because the browser can be extended with a multitude of add-ons.The free Internet security add-on works with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and can be downloaded.Web of Trust is included in an initial list of 15 add-ons that Google is targeting to support.Supporting Facts of WOT, wOT has been downloaded by 2 million users.Resources, contact Name: Esa Suurio, CEO, phone:, address: Against Intuition, Inc.: Italahdenkatu 27 A, 00210 Helsinki, Finland #.Following up on promises made in September, Google has outlined plans to open their Chrome browser to third-party extensions.The inferior spring element can be made in a laminate configuration or structure.

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