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The male connector has a shape that allows the cams to lock into place.
Quick connect fittings come with national pipe threads (NPT national hose or fire hose (NH / NST) threads and British Standard Pipe (BSP).
Camlock Fittings, cam Lock Fittings (quick connect couplings) allow for quick, secure connections of hoses to tanks or other hoses.The name "Cam Lock" comes from the cam or lever that is used to lock one hose or fitting into place with another one.The female connector has two cams as part of the assembly.Cam and groove fittings come in male camlock to female threads, male camlock to male threads, male camlcok to hose shank, female camlock to male threads, female camlock to female threads, female camlock to hose shank, dust caps, and dust plugs.These couplings mate quickly and conveniently by inserting the grooved coupling into the cam coupling and simply closing the cam arms.Cam Groove Fittings, camlock couplings are available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and polypropylene (plastic) in sizes from 1/2 to 8 inches.Safety pins prevent the cam arms from accidental disconnection during use.Look Up Quick Results Now!#1365 17:58 webrosc elegato, its like that, but doesn't always work out, we are just volunteers doing what mijn cams gratis mieke simons we can to help #1366 17:58 EchoSpirit.I've been here for almost two hours elegato XD #1367 17:58 pie_flavor elegato: your problem is sorta solved #1368 17:58 pie_flavor.
#1202 16:10 GreyVulpine TheRoXer - uh, I told you gratis game voice chat to open it inside notepad #1203 16:10 * gadjoune [email protected] has quit.
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#123 06:50 Danielseyun I don't know.#1361 17:57 pie_flavor elegato: no, it's for Karam #1362 17:57 pie_flavor xola: important to?#1067 15:51 GreyVulpine So, just going to ask you this, whatiswonrgwiththis, have you ever pirated minecraft?#1360 17:56 elegato Is that link intended for me?#1211 16:11 TheRoXer Ipñs #1212 16:11 TheRoXer ips #1213 16:11 GreyVulpine TheRoXer - What ips #1214 16:11 GreyVulpine TheRoXer - What do you see?

#1242 16:15 EcK_evilmau5 Grey #1243 16:16 GreyVulpine EcK_evilmau5 - Downloaded it?
#1097 15:54 whatiswonrgwiththis how #1098 15:54 TheRoXer Guys need help #1099 15:54 Lord_Ralex whatiswonrgwiththis, so, go to them and ask them how to fix it #1100 15:54 * lMaiick [email protected] has quit.
#1090 15:54 TheRoXer Guys #1091 15:54 TheRoXer I can't log in using the Minecraft Launcher, nor in the offical page #1092 15:54 whatiswonrgwiththis bro i have unistalled the game 4 times now.