Pinterest has evolved the product, embedding it inside the apps of retailers like Target.
Soon, Snap could be ready to train its eagle eye on purchases, not just faces.
The apps code lists the ability to surface sellers and reviews, Copy URL of a product and Share or Send Product to friends likely via Snap messages or Snapchat Stories.
Snapchat first dabbled in understanding the world around you with its.Visual product search could make Snapchats camera a more general purpose tool for seeing and navigating the world, rather than just a social media maker.The ability to identify purchaseable objects or scan barcodes could turn Snapchat, which some view as a teen toy, into more of a utility.Once an object or barcode has been scanned you can See all results at Amazon.The program then displayed information about the selection on a customers computer screen, and gave the customer the option to order the books with a credit card and have the books shipped in a just a few days.Pinterests Lens, which identifies objects and brings up related content.
The glasses, which were previously only available through a physical vending machine that kept changing locations, and later through Snapchat itself, are now being offered in black, coral, and teal colors for 130 USD through the major online retailer.
In characteristic cool kid teenspeak, an error message for product not found reads Bummer, we didnt catch that!
Snapchat launched World Lenses that map the surfaces of your surroundings doet tpe sex poppen voelen echt so you can place 3D animated objects like its Dancing Hotdog mascot alongside real people in real places.Snapchat is building a visual product search feature, codenamed Eagle, that delivers users to Amazons [email protected]:, in just four months of operation, Amazon com became a very popular site on the Web, making high marks on several Internet rankings.Project Eagle builds on this audio search feature to offer visual search through a similar interface and set of partnerships. .Direly needs after posting a 385 million loss last quarter and missing revenue estimates by 14 million.Tags: snapchat, spectacles, view Comments (11).Buried inside the code of Snapchats Android app is an unreleased Visual Search feature where you Press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode, and more!